“I work until the vein is out. There’s something about the way you feel, you know when the well is dry, that you’ll have to wait till tomorrow and it’ll be full up again.”

Katherine Anne Porter

For me, not only do I know when the vein is dry, but I also know the moment when I finally tap that vein.

Or those days when I can’t.

On those days, the vein is elusive and shy. Hiding. Taunting you to find it. You search for it and it’s painful. Messy. Worst yet, once you do find that vein, it yields an extraordinary tiny amount. Hardly a reward, especially when compared to the amount of energy and effort you used to discover it in the first place.

I’m Michele Pariza and I’m a writer. Along with running a copywriting, marketing and consulting business called Creative Concepts and Copywriting, I’m also a published author in both fiction and nonfiction, having written articles for various magazines and newspapers as well as short stories and two novels. Both of my novels are psychological thrillers –

Mirror Image – Which would be worse, knowing that your dead sister has come back to life and is now a serial killer or that someone else is the killer….and that person is you?

The Stolen Twin – College student Kit is being stalked. Her stalker chose her for a reason, a reason that forces her to dig deep into her past and learn the secret behind her sister’s disappearance as a child. But will she discover that reason in time to save not only herself but others also in danger?

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